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Welcome to AL TOUNBAK LLC, a company that has been formed by a group of businessmen with more then 25 years of experience in the tobacco and cigarette industry.


AL TOUNBAK imports and distributes cigarettes and tobacco products in the Middle East Region. Our mission is to be the link between producers and consumers of tobacco products.


AL TOUNBAK is a Strategic Distribution Partner of Yunnan Tobacco International (China). Our main brands are Ashima and Marble cigarettes produced by Hongta Tobacco Group.


AL TOUNBAK provides:


Market Research

Market Development

Distribution & Logistic

Marketing Services


AL TOUNBAK is located strategically in Dubai, U.A.E. with offices and warehouses in Turkey, Iraq and the Middle East countries.

Company Registration 1058468                                Trade License 638542                               Dubai Chamber of Commerce 182399


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